Nunna's Treasures

One of a kind handcrafted products



This is a sampling of the one of a kind fused glass jewelry I have made. They are beautiful and you will get many compliments as you wear them. They are $25 each and the following individual pictures give you a chance to browse and order the one you like the most!

Item #JEWEL-001
Handcrafted fused glass pendant on spring green ribbon cording. Colors of the pendant are turquoise, gold and pink.
Item #JEWEL-002
Blue and white dichroic fused glass pendant on white ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-003
Fused glass pendant with black background and turquoise and gold dichroic glass on a turquoise silicone cording.
Item #JEWEL-004
Burgundy background with pink cording.
Item #JEWEL-005
Green and black dichroic glass on green ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-006
Large pendant on blue background blue and pink dichroic glass with light blue ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-007
Dark red pendant with gold and blue dichroic glass with burgundy ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-023
Red earrings with gold accents.
Item #JEWEL-008
Dark red background pendant with shades of purple on purple ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-009
Pink pendant with blue dichroic glass on black ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-010
Black background pendant with gold and red accents on a black silicone cording.
Item #JEWEL-011
Gold dichroic glass pendant on black silicone cord.
Item #JEWEL-012
Small oblong pendant with gold and pink accents on black leather cording.
Item #JEWEL-013
Square pendant with multi colored accents on black leather cording.
Item #JEWEL-014
Black pendant with red-orange accent on red ribbon cording.
Item #JEWEL-015
Blue pendant with multi color accents on black silicone cording.